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Many animals around the world are abused or killed illegally on a daily basis. Illegal hunting contributes to the endangerment of animal species. Animals are also abused in other ways, for exmaple for inhumane testing and research. World Animal Day on October 4th each year focuses on improving the welfare of animals around the world.

1931 - The International Animal Protection Congress in Florence adopted World Animal Day

Pollution, climate change, and population growth are all threats to biodiversity. These threats have caused an unprecedented rise in the rate of species extinction. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) report says that between 1970 and 2016, the number of populations of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish decreased by an average of 68%.

Annually, 80 billion land animals, including chickens, pigs, and cows, are used for farming. It is estimated that 56 billion are trapped in factory farming systems.

By increasing awareness and improving education worldwide, this day helps create a space recognising wild and farmed animals as sentient beings and the treatment of farmed and wild animals must reflact it. Together we can change the way the world works and end animal cruelty and suffering.



VAKOVAKO will soon fight to save world ecosystems. 100 % of all donations given via our app to „WORLD ECOSYSTEMS“ area will by transfered to related NGOs. Let’s help them expand their activities together.

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