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Bird migration is one of the great wonders of the natural world. Twice every year, millions of birds fly to warmer climates for the winters, and then return home to breed. World Migratory Bird Day is therefore observed twice a year during the second Saturday in May and again on the second Saturday in October. The goal is to raise awareness of issues affecting migratory birds and to take measures for conservation of their habitats.

At least 4,000 different species of birds migrate, which adds up to about 40% of the entire bird population.


  • Birds are close relatives of dinosaurs, they are the only creatures on the planet to grow feathers.

  • The ability for birds to navigate and orient themselves during migration is a complex phenomenon.

  • Birds need to alter their metabolism in order to store enough energy to make the journey.

  • The migration of birds helps control pest populations.

Focus of the World Migratory Bird Day 2022 campaign this year is Light Pollution. Light pollution is a significant threat to migratory birds, causing disorientation when they fly at night, leading to collisions with buildings. Every year, millions of birds are also killed by hunters, or collide with man-made structures such as powerlines. Climate change is causing habitats to shift or disappear.

Here you can learn more about migratory birds. One of the biggest sanctuaries for birds lies in Canada.



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