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On August 22, we celebrate World Plant Milk Day because whether you know it or not, plant milk is a good, sustainable, alternative to dairy milk. World Plant Milk Day was created in 2017 by the co-founder of Plant Based News, Robbie Lockie.

This day is less of a tradition and more of a worldwide campaign to transition from consuming whole fat milk to plant-based milk. The campaign has attracted the attention of millions of people around the world and helped accelerate the transition from dairy milk to the rich variety of plant-based alternatives.

The biggest reason to consume plant-based milk is that it is lactose-free, making it ideal for those who are lactose intolerant. But that’s not all, plant-derived milk tastes great, is low-fat, and is ideal for vegans. World Plant Milk Day also reminds us that drinking plant milk has other benefits. You help to eliminate animal cruelty and reduce global warming — just by drinking a glass of milk!


54% – the percentage increase in the use of plant-based milk over five years.

40% – the percentage of children allergic to cow’s milk who are also allergic to soy milk.

25% – the percentage drop in the consumption of cow milk in the last 20 years.

$74.2 billion is predicted market size by 2027.

The most popular plant milks consumed globally are soy and almond milk.


The best plant-based milk alternatives are soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, and rice milk. Plant-based milk is made by grinding a bean or nut, then adding water, flavours, vitamins, and minerals. The taste differs, but in terms of nutritional value, soy milk is the closest dairy-free substitute for cow’s milk.

Animal agriculture is one of the leading drivers of climate change, producing more greenhouse gases than all of the world's transportation combined. Switching from dairy to plant-based milk is one of the easiest ways in which you can significantly reduce your impact on the planet. The dairy industry is also a cause of immeasurable stress to cows. Switching to plant-based milk means that this unnecessary suffering is reduced.



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