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World Rivers Day is a celebration of the world’s waterways. It highlights the many values of rivers and strives to increase public awareness and hopefully encourage the improved stewardship of rivers around the world.

Around 90% of plastics in the ocean comes from just 12 rivers.

Due to its distinct colors, the Caño Cristales is also known as the river of five colors.

11 countries share the water resources of the river Nile in Africa, and the entire length of the river is a whopping 6650 km.

Rivers are the lifelines of human civilizations. A river would be a reason for families to settle in villages, towns, and cities. Whenever a civilization ended, it was often due to extreme droughts. We count on them for drinking water, but many rivers are heavily polluted. They can be found from developed to developing and poor countries.

The Citarum River is known as the most polluted river in the world and is located in West Java, Indonesia.

Most polluted rivers in the world have one thing in common – they are located alongside large human populations with poor waste management systems. Rivers drain the land carrying with the water-flow, man-made rubbish, to join the ocean currents where plastic waste and other litter is washed out to sea.



VAKOVAKO will soon fight to save the oceans. 100 % of all donations given via our app to „OCEANS” area will be transferred to related NGOs. Let’s help them expand their activities together.

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