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Endangered turtles and tortoises are associated with wisdom and perseverance. And they have their world day today. And because sea turtles have their own world day on 16th june let's talk more about tortoises.

There are over 300 known tortoise species.

Tortoises are terrestrial reptiles that are part of the turtle family. Unlike the other members of the turtle family, tortoises cannot swim. They are found in southern North America, Central America, and South America. Species are also found from Africa and Europe to Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as Madagascar and other islands.

Galapagos tortoises regularly live to 150 years and older.


Hunted as food by pirates, whalers, and traders from the 17th through the 19th centuries, between 100,000 and 200,000 Galápagos tortoises are estimated to have been killed off.

Today, non-native species that settlers introduced to the islands - including feral pigs, dogs, cats, rats, goats, and donkeys - are a persistent threat, preying on tortoise eggs and hatchlings and competing with giant tortoises for food.

Tortoises were also hunted for their oil, which was used to power lamps.

Humans are a dire threat to the tortoise. Virtually everything we do impacts their population, and their life expectancy. Land development destroys natural habitats and tortoise burrows, and frequently kills these animals in the process. Cars easily crack through tortoise shells, causing mortal injury more often than not.

Humans have also eaten tortoise meat for centuries. In fact, many of the extinct tortoise species were hunted to death. Meat isn’t the only thing people are after. Tortoises are taken from the wild for the pet trade, killed for their decorative shells, and their eggs are also stolen for consumption.

Unfortunately, tortoises are members of endangeder species and its our duty to help them survive.

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VAKOVAKO will soon fight to save most endangered. 100 % of all donations given via our app to „MOST ENDANGERED“ area will by transfered to related NGOs. Let’s help them expand their activities together.

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