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Here are five ways to spread even more holiday cheer this giving season.

OCEANS — Protect the Poles — “Don’t put the planet on ice.”

2023 was one of the hottest years on record. And two places in particular found it even harder to escape the heat: the Arctic and Antarctica. While these regions may still feel cold, both have recently become two of the fastest warming places on the planet. Their glaciers and oceans play crucial roles in maintaining Earth’s equilibrium. Without them, we don’t stand a chance.

Donations to this campaign go to organizations helping protect oceans and glaciers.

HUMANITY — Hope for the Holidays — “Looking back, moving forward.”

The holidays are a time to be with the people you love most and in the places you feel safest. But the sad reality is that millions of people, whether without homes or living in temporary safe havens as refugees, won’t be able to do that this holiday season. Let’s look back on 2023’s biggest humanitarian challenges and find ways to move forward with resolve.

Donations to this campaign go to organizations offering humanity hope for the holidays.

BIODIVERSITY — (Un)Frozen Planet — “There’s snow place like home.”

Winter is coming? For some places, it doesn’t seem so. Intentionally or not, we have altered our planet's frozen wonderlands — and the biodiversity within them is at the frontier of this change. Even beyond the poles, our frozen peaks, islands and lands are all suffering as a consequence. Can order be restored?

Donations to this campaign go to organizations saving our Earth's threatened ecosystems.

ENDANGERED — Wild Winter — “Don’t leave animals out in the cold.”

From trotting reindeer to camouflaged snowy owls to fang-toothed walruses — some animals have winter down cold. But because of human activity, many iconic winter wildlife are endangered. In this campaign, we not only gift you with fascinating facts (did you know reindeers can see ultraviolet light?) but also shed light on what the future holds for many of these animals.

Donations to this campaign go to organizations protecting endangered wildlife.

RAINFORESTS — Jungle Bells — “Turning over a new leaf.”

Keep it green this holiday season. From towering trees, colorful flowers…and Christmas cacti? The jungle is certainly not shy of interesting flora, some of which we use for holiday celebrations. In this campaign, we’re putting a spotlight on the unsung heroes of our rainforests: plants.

Donations to this campaign go to towards organizations protecting rainforests.

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