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A global donor app to save our planet

Coming out this year!

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Our mission is to change the flow of the world!

Our world suffers from human activity. Undeniably. And that's why we are here. We are VAKOVAKO. A global donor app. A global movement. To make things change. To save our planet.

Our misson

Easy to start.
Simple to use.

Coming soon to App Store and Google Play.


News feed

Find all the news about world‘s truly most important topics.

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Where to help?

Select the areas you are interested in and contribute. Or support your favorite NGO.

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My donations

Track and analyze your donations. Create your own good karma portfolio.

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Here and now

Daily supply of new topics and areas where to help.

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Our Core Values?

High credibility and efficiency.

No minimum limits

Every help counts. Payments have no minimum limits.

Free of charge

VAKOVAKO is free of charge. 100 % of donations go directly to selected NGOs.


Our bank accounts are fully transparent and all transactions are audited.

Top selections

All NGOs are carefully selected and are monitored by us on an ongoing basis.

Optimize your taxes

You help nature and people. But you also optimize your taxes.


Do you want to stay in the picture?

Focus on what interests you most with VAKOVAKO.


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