Your January Giving Guide is Here!

Let's donate

Start the new year right — with a donation to causes that matter. These are five initiatives you can support this month with VAKOVAKO.

Oceans — March for the Penguins

Penguins are one of the most threatened bird groups in the world; half of penguin species are at risk of extinction. Without help, some penguin populations may be gone by the end of the century. This isn’t just worrisome for this charismatic species, but for entire ocean ecosystems. Donations to this campaign helps support organizations protecting penguins and other critical ocean life.

Humanity — Humanity’s Helpers

Humanity was put to the test in 2023. Despite growing conflict, climate shocks, food insecurity, risks to global health, three leading organizations responded with action more than any other: UNICEF, Médecins Sans Frontières, and International Committee for the Red Cross. Unfortunately, much of their work remains underfunded. Donations to this campaign help fund their life-saving initiatives addressing the world’s worst humanitarian crises.

Biodiversity — Saving the Okavango

One of the most biodiverse places on the plant, the Okavango Basin sustains threatened and endangered species. Every year, the Okavango watershed brings trillions of gallons of water to millions of people and wildlife. But as big oil moves in, populations continue to increase, and surrounding areas change, this African oasis is at risk of losing critical biodiversity forever. Donations to this campaign go to initiatives conserving the Okavango.

Endangered — Meet the Endangered

More than 44,000 species are threatened with extinction. You may know a bit about lions and tigers and elephants, but how much do you know about the others? All month long, learn more about these endangered creatures while supporting their conservation. Donations to this campaign go to organizations safeguarding endangered species.

Rainforests — Replant the Planet

Rainforests continue to experience unsustainable rates of deforestation despite global pledges. But we can still revive these tropical forests through conservation initiatives; including innovative nature-based solutions that restore and rehabilitate rainforests one tree at a time. Donations to this campaign support organizations replanting vital rainforest ecosystems.

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