Your November Giving Guide is Here!

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November is here! It’s time to kickstart your monthly giving goals with these exciting initiatives. Here are five campaigns to support this month:

RAINFORESTS — Birds of Paradise — “Take rainforest species under your wing.”

Haven’t taken to birding yet? That is sure to change when you learn about the out-of-this-world birds living beneath and above the canopies. So dust off your binoculars and have your cameras at the ready, we’re about to give you a rainforest birding guide so good you won’t take your eyes off the skies. Donations to this campaign go directly to those organizations who have taken rainforest birds under their wing.

HUMANITY — Future for Every Child — “Stand for all, big and small.”

Learn more about the state of our world’s children — a comprehensive review of the greatest global threats affecting children today. Donations to this campaign go directly towards organizations fighting to end childhood suffering and driving change to ensure a brighter future for all.

BIODIVERSITY — Keep Earth Wild — “Sometimes, it's good to go wild.”

Pack your bags and get your travel guides ready: in celebration of World Wildlife Conservation Day on December 4, we’re taking you on an adventure through nature’s most amazing (and critical) biodiversity hotspots. We’re showcasing all the rich flora and fauna these last wild places have to offer, the threats facing them, and the people working tirelessly to protect them all. Donations to this campaign go to organizations protecting and restoring our planet’s last wild spaces and critical wildlife species.

ENDANGERED — Big Cat Month — “Restore the roar.”

Get ready to restore the roar with our Big Cat Month campaign! All month long, learn about at risk big cat species — including the Lynx, Leopard, Cheetah, and Jaguar. Don’t go anywhere, we’ve got a “feline” you won’t want to miss any of these amazing facts and stories. Donations to this campaign go to organizations with targeted conservation strategies to protect and recover big cat populations and their ranges.

OCEANS — SUSTAINABLE SEAS — “Overfishing is not off the hook.”

From medicine to climate regulation, tourism to trade; it’s no secret we depend on the ocean perhaps more than any other place on Earth. But we’re also depleting it. Learn more about the ways we are altering our seas and why we’ve reached a pivotal point: clean up or clean out. All donations to this campaign go towards organizations protecting oceans from global challenges.

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