Your October Giving Guide is Here!

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October is here! And that means it’s time to kickstart your monthly giving goals with these exciting initiatives. Learn about them below.

Rainforests — Care for the Canopy Campaign — Protect rainforests to protect the planet.

Learn more about Indigenous activism — and the sustainable practices these communities are implementing that may hold the key to our planet’s future. Donations to this campaign go directly to those organizations and communities on the frontlines of rainforest conservation and those supporting Indigenous rights.

Humanity — A (Climate) Changed Planet — Be the good kind of change.

Learn more about the ways climate change is fueling some of the worst humanitarian crises in history. Donations to this campaign go directly towards those organizations providing humanitarian relief and aid to communities impacted by extreme natural disasters.

Biodiversity — Hope for Habitats — Home is where the habitat is.

We are turning World Habitat Day on its head. This UN recognized day traditionally focuses only on urban habitats, but at VAKOVAKO, we are shedding light on some of the wilder ones — many of which are in a state of decline. Donations to this campaign go towards those organizations protecting and restoring crucial habitats to ensure our Earth stays wild.

Endangered — World Animal Day — Every animal matters.

World Animal Day is October 4, but with so many animals needing help, we’ve devoted an entire month to shedding light on some of our amazing — and peculiar — friends who share our planet. Donations to this campaign go towards those organizations advocating for the welfare and rights of all animals — whose efforts in wildlife conservation are helping species go from endangered to thriving.

Oceans — Brain Waves — Keeping our seas brilliant.

From octopuses to sharks to otters — check out the amazing intelligence living just beneath the surface of our oceans. And the reasons we need to ensure our brilliant seas stay strong. Donations to this campaign go towards those organizations protecting marine species conservation.


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