Grasslands or Grazed Lands?

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Downs, veld, steppe, and taiga. What connects all four? Find out below.

What's big, (mostly) green, (mostly) grass, and goes by a variety of names? Grasslands! From North America to Asia, grasslands are an essential habitat filled with wonders big and small. The plants and animals living in the grasslands work in symbiosis to maintain their ecosystem; making the grasslands an intricate oasis for biodiversity.

What exactly is a grassland?

Existing on every continent except Antarctica, grasslands are typically open, flat expanses receiving little rainfall and grass being the dominant vegetation. Not quite a desert, not quite a forest, grasslands fall somewhere in between. There are two types: temperate and tropical; temperate grasslands (e.g. North American prairies) have cold winters and warm summers with some rain, whereas tropical grasslands (e.g. Serengeti) have dry and wet seasons.

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