From Wetlands to Wastelands

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From the vast Pantanal to the swampy Florida Everglades, wetlands provide a home for 40% of all plant and animal species. Sadly, these habitats are disappearing rapidly.

With the growing threat of habitat loss due to urbanization, we stand to lose our greatest treasure: natural habitats. Our HOPE FOR HABITATS series looks at the composition of each habitat, their integral purpose — and how you can help preserve the BIODIVERSITY within them for generations to come.

And today, we are looking at a habitat that is quickly disappearing before our eyes: wetlands.

What exactly is a wetland?

Dispersed throughout the world (except Antartica), wetlands are essential ecosystems teeming with biodiversity on land and in water. Wetlands are categorized based on their composition. Swamps, marshes, and bogs are all sub-categories of wetlands with distinct attributes. All of them have one defining feature in common that makes them wetlands: their soil (called hydric soil) is submerged by water in each ecosystem.

World Famous Wetlands

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