VAKOVAKO: The New Wildlife Protector

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This NATIONAL THREATENED SPECIES DAY, join VAKOVAKO in the fight to protect Earth’s most at risk species

September 7 marks NATIONAL THREATENED SPECIES DAY — an important day in which we recognize the fragility of the world’s wildlife and encourage the continued protection of species vulnerable to extinction. It is a day of both historical importance, remembering those species already crossed over the extinction line (from the Tasmanian tiger over 100 years ago to the Western Black Rhinoceros in 2011) and the acknowledgment of those fighting for a better future.

That’s what we are doing at VAKOVAKO.

At VAKOVAKO, we understand the preciousness of our planet and the vulnerability of the species which populate it. It’s for this reason we gave ourselves the name, VAKOVAKO, which means “striped” in Marquesan. Striped, like the Tasmanian tiger — an emblem for those species already lost and those who may soon bear the marks of a similar fate should their plight not be reversed.

But while our name may sound reminiscent, VAKOVAKO is a platform built for creating a better future. As a new age tool, we are revolutionizing the methodology of giving back by conveniently bringing together individuals and nonprofits under one roof.

Gone are the days of overwhelming nonprofit research and unsure donating. VAKOVAKO has done all the heavy-lifting for you, mitigating uncertainties and carefully selecting nonprofits. Nonprofits we work with targeting threatened species include: Re:Wild, WILD Foundation, Wildlife Conservation Society and more.

By using VAKOVAKO, you can ensure NATIONAL THREATENED SPECIES DAY is a day of progress for all species.

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