The Missing Lynx

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Once thought to be nearly extinct, this big cat is proof that conservation works. Here's the lowdown on the lynx.

It's BIG CAT MONTH at VAKOVAKO and to celebrate we’re placing the spotlight on wildcats that need extra attention in the world of conservation. We’re starting small with the lynx — one of the tiniest of the big cats that had a once extinct subspecies.

How to spot a lynx

  • Unique vision: Lynx have reflective eyes, which is how they earned their name — derived from the Greek word for “shine.”
  • Built-in winter coats: Their reddish brown coats with spotted camouflage are naturally ready for the harsh winters of North America, Europe, and Asia. In the winter, their coat gets thicker to insulate them warm from the cold.
  • Short stature: Lynx are one of the shortest of the big cats, standing about as tall as a large dog.
  • Look for black tufts: Their ears are lined with black tufts, and they have a black tuft on their tail as well. It's thought that the tufts on their ears support their hearing.
  • Four varieties: Canadian, Iberian, Eurasian, and bobcat. The largest of them all is the Eurasian lynx (weighing up to 30 kg, or 66 lbs), and the smallest is the bobcat (18 kg or 40 lbs).
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