Amazon’s Aviary of Curiosities

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South America’s tropics boast an astounding 3,800 species of birds — half of which can be found in the Amazon RAINFOREST. These are a few of our favorites.

Welcome back, birders!

As part of our BIRDS OF PARADISE initiative, we are once again hopping out of the nest and flying into the RAINFOREST to spot all the wild, wonderful, and whimsically winged species that call these canopies home. Today is all about the world’s largest rainforest — the Amazon.


Toucans (all 40 of them) have been seen by Indigenous as conduits between the living and spirt worlds. Their large, conspicuous orange-yellow bill makes them recognizable. But the exact purpose of their bill isn’t entirely known — it’s believed they are used in courtship, (a show of) self-defense, and feeding (helping them grasp hard-to-reach fruits), and temperature regulation.

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