A Window into a Chimp’s World

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Famed primatologist, Frans de Waal, once questioned: “Are humans smart enough to know how smart animals really are?” On WORLD CHIMPANZEE DAY, find out for yourself as we explore the world of chimpanzee behavior and cognition.

On July 14, 1960, Dr. Jane Goodall stepped foot onto Gombe Stream National Park with only a notebook, binoculars and her own curiosity about wildlife. She knew little about chimpanzees at the time, and so did the rest of the world. Her unique approach to field research allowed her to see what no-one else had seen before: chimpanzees creating and using tools. And because of it, we came to realize human and chimpanzees are much more alike than we had known before.

Since then, further research and studies reveal insights into the mind, society and culture of chimpanzees.

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