Nature’s Gift: Amazon Trees

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The best presents in the world can be found in a place you might not expect — the Amazon rainforest. Learn about the incredible trees that have (literally) given the gift of life to millions.

The Amazon may be a tropical climate, but there's still plenty of holiday season miracles to be found deep in the RAINFOREST. We're celebrating the natural gifts of the Amazon with our JUNGLE BELLS series — and today, we're starting strong with three medicinal trees. 

Medical miracles — from the jungle

Lapacho tree: The bark from the Lapacho tree is often used within South American indigenous communities as an anti-fungal and cancer fighting resource. Components of the lapacho bark like lapachol, lapachone, and isolapachone are a subject of medicinal interest. These components have been found to inhibit infections.

Wasai tree: The purple roots of the Wasai tree are more than just beautiful — they are used as a potent treatment for kidney ailments; serving as a diuretic.

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