How Rainforests Sweeten the Planet

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Vanilla, cocoa, and nuts are sure to be on many holiday grocery lists around the world. But as deforestation continues, these resources are set to become more scarce — which could mean bad news for RAINFORESTS.

Brazil nuts

Roasted nuts have become synonymous with holiday fare — from pecans to walnuts to pistachios, as well as one found deep in the Amazon: the Brazil nut. Also known as, the castanha-do-brasil (chestnut from Brazil) or castanha-do-pará (chestnut from Pará), the Brazil nut tree is found throughout the Amazon, but is now most abundant in Bolivia and Suriname. The Brazil nut is considered one of the most sustainable nuts (as they are not grown on farms but harvested by forest-based communities) it is also one the most valuable, with 40,000 tons sold each year.

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