Birds of Paradise

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Oceania’s RAINFOREST birds know how to put on a show — but while these feats of a feather are hard to miss, they may soon go missing without continued conservation efforts.

To all the birders and non-birders out there — I think we can all agree birds are pretty amazing feats of nature. But some birds, well, they really take the cake; like those living in the lands down under. Traverse through any of Australia, New Zealand, or Papau New Guinea’s RAINFORESTS and you are sure to be amazed by the spectacle these BIRDS OF PARADISE have to offer.

Cassowary — Australia

Everything about the cassowary feels larger than life. These flightless birds, which inhabit the tropical RAINFORESTS of Australia, can tower over 180 cm tall (6 feet) and weigh over 45 kg (100 lbs), making them one of the largest and heaviest birds in the world. But it’s not just their height that is hard to miss. These birds have a very distinct look: orange eyes, black feathers that resemble hair, blue heads, and protective helmets whose purpose still stumps scientists today.

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