Moving Out of the Canopies

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Imagine having your home broken into, destroyed, and then being forced to leave. This is what is happening to some rainforest wildlife — and could soon happen to many more. Learn more.

RAINFORESTS worldwide, from the Amazon to Australia, are home to 50% of our planet's plant and animal species. Today, their home is threatened by deforestation, mining, and other human activities; leaving many animals with no choice but to leave.

This isn't a new phenomenon. Animals have been migrating since the dawn of time — but forced migrations, like the one happening in Zambia’s rainforest, have a large scale domino effect that impacts not only the animals, but their new habitats as well.

No place to call home

According to the 2022 Species Habitat Index report, habitat loss ranges from 33% to over 60%. And these species experienced a high percentage of RAINFOREST habitat loss:

  • Honduran White Bat, Honduras, 53% loss
  • Shining Honeycreeper, Central America, 35% loss
  • White Fronted Brown Lemur, Madagascar, 40% loss
  • Abah River Flying Frog, Borneo and Sumatra, 35% loss

When animals are forced to migrate due to habitat loss, both their new and old ecosystems are threatened. Animals in new ecosystems experience resource limitations and can be threatened by new predators. The solution? Improved conservation efforts.

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