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Meet Oceana

Oceana, the largest international organization focused on ocean conservation, dedicates itself to protecting and restoring the world’s oceans by influencing policy and establishing science-based campaigns targeted at countries responsible for a large percentage of marine fish catch. Since its founding in 2001, Oceana’s efforts have contributed to the protection of over 4M square miles of ocean, increasing marine biodiversity and ocean abundance, and have accomplished over 225 policy victories.

Their current campaigns are focused on influencing responsible fishing policies, reducing plastic pollution from the those countries who are the largest contributors of plastic waste, influencing their national, state and local level policies. Oceana also prioritizes climate change reversal by helping prevent offshore drilling practices and promoting cleaner alternatives. Their Transparent Oceans Initiative exposes the realities of overfishing, food insecurity, human rights abuses, and ecosystem damage caused by poorly regulated industrial fleets so as to influence policy and hold governments and businesses accountable.

Oceana allocates 80% of expenses towards direct programs and were awarded a 4-star rating and 94% overall score by Charity Navigator.

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