Penguins: Five Reasons to Donate

Let's donate

Penguins are so much more than just cute, waddling, flightless birds — they’re essential for the health and future of our OCEAN ecosystems. Penguin Awareness Day was enacted for just this reason; to bring our attention to the fact that penguins need our help. Here’s five reasons why your donation matters to all 18 penguin species.

Number One: Penguins are key for both ocean and land food chains. Their primary food source are krill, sardines, anchovies, smelt, and herring. Penguins serve as population control for the small fishes that they hunt. In water, penguins are prey for animals like leopard seals. Penguin eggs are consumed by predators like skuas on land. Without penguins, both ocean and land food chains would be thrown off balance.

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