Octopuses: Brainiacs of the Sea

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On WORLD OCTOPUS DAY, we are diving deep into the brains (all nine of them) of the cephalopod that has both wondered — and bewildered — scientists for years.

Today, we are kicking off a new sea-son of giving with our Octo-ber OCEANS campaign, BRAIN WAVES (and as you might have already guessed, get ready for a whole lot of ocean-loving puns along the way)! All month long, learn about some mind-blowing ways our oceans are brilliant — and the many more reasons they need to stay so.

And because it’s also WORLD OCTOPUS DAY, there is perhaps no creature more fit to start us off on our ocean intelligence journey than the mysterious and mystifying octopus.

Let’s dive in!

The need-to-knows about octopuses

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