5 Reasons to Save the Whales

Let's donate

Here are five good reasons why you should contribute to the efforts to save whales:

  • Number 1: We can keep ecosystems stable. Whales are keystone species, playing a pivotal role in maintaining the balance of marine ecosystems.
  • Number 2: We can help the climate. Whales contribute to climate regulation by serving as carbon sinks.
  • Number 3: We can learn from whales. Whales offer invaluable insights into marine biology, behavior, and ecology.
  • Number 4: We can save a dying species. Six out of the 13 great whales species are listed as as endangered or threatened.
  • Number 5: We still have time. While whales are endangered, they have shown if the right conservation measures are put in place, their populations can recover.

With VAKOVAKO, you can support organizations like Sea Shepherds, Oceana, and Ocean Conservancy who are advocating for the future of whales — and our OCEANS.

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