Stop These Five Whale-Size Threats

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Whales swim alongside some of our OCEAN’S fiercest predators, but their biggest threat of all doesn’t actually live in the sea. Humans are responsible for the majority of whale declines and these are five ways we are making their future even harder:

Number One: Climate Change

Whales are our oceans’ superheroes, helping mitigate climate change. But because the climate is changing so fast, many whales are unable to adapt. Changes in sea surface temperatures, ocean currents, and ice coverage directly impact the abundance of prey species and their ability to reproduce.

Number Two: Plastic

Cigarette butts, food wrappers, straws, and bottle caps have all been found in our OCEANS — and in the stomachs of whales, who starve after ingesting colossal amounts of macro and micro plastics. Whales are among the 100,000 marine mammals that die every year because of plastic.

Number Three: Noise Pollution

Sound is an essential component to a whale’s wellbeing, helping them communicate, find food, and understand their environment. As more noise pollutes our OCEANS, the more whales become confused and risk their lives.

Number Four: Humans

It’s estimated that 20,000 whales are killed, and many more entangled in fishing gear, each year due to ship strikes. And as we continue to deplete our oceans, more whales will starve and have harder times reproducing.

Number Five: Underfunding

Despite ongoing conservation efforts, many whale species continue to face threats to their survival due to inadequate funding and resources. Conservation organizations and research institutions, including Oceana, the Ocean Conservancy, and Sea Shepherds, play a crucial role in ensuring whales have a future — and you can too. Donate today.

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