The Future of the Arctic

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The Arctic may be at the top of the world, but lately it’s been feeling anything but. By some estimates, the Arctic could be entirely ice-free by 2035. Why this matters — and what can you do to help.

The Arctic Ocean

The smallest, shallowest, and coldest — the Arctic Ocean is one of superlative status. While it may only be 8% the size of the Pacific ocean, over 5,000 animal species depend on it. The Arctic Ocean is home to unique species like the unicorns of the sea, the narwhal, and the oldest living vertebrate, the Greenland shark. It has over 2,000 types of algae can be found in this region and the largest marine migration can be witnessed here. Beyond that, the Arctic Ocean even has vast resources of natural resources, from oil to gas to diamonds.

For most of the year, this region is covered in what is known as the Arctic ice pack, which helps in climate and temperature regulation, as sunlight is reflected off the white masses back into space. But unfortunately, the sea ice is shrinking — and shrinking fast.

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