State of Our Seas Snapshot

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It's time to get current about ocean sustainability — here’s your State of the Seas snapshot.

Our goal is to create SUSTAINABLE SEAS — so both humanity and our OCEANS can continue to thrive. But the ocean is facing dire challenges. With over 14 million tons of plastic entering our oceans each year, and the continued threat of overfishing and pollution; the time to act to save our oceans is now.

Seas snapshot:

  • Overfishing: The commercial fishing industry is placing a dangerous strain on fish populations. By 2050, 90% of virtually all seafood (fish, mollusks, and crustaceans) will be depleted. Currently, one-fifth of marine species are endangered. This includes marine animals that are not intentionally fished — but who sometimes become victim to bycatch, like the nearly extinct vaquita dolphin.
  • Pollution: Plastic has infiltrated every corner of the ocean — approximately 171 trillion pieces of plastic particles fill the oceans; weighing 2.3 million tons. Pollutants formed from chemicals released into the ocean also pose a threat; 400 million tonnes of chemicals are dumped into international waterways annually. Pollution from rivers harm the ocean, too, causing pollution runoff in marine waters. Increased plastic in the ocean will have devastating consequences — for all of us — if it isn't taken care of.
  • Habitat degradation: As pollution and overfishing hurt marine life — we are getting hurt too. Ocean habitats help capture 90% of carbon emissions, making it both the lungs and carbon sink of the planet. But the rate of emissions plays a part in the declining health of ocean habitats — and 30-50% have already been lost.
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