Reminder: Whales Face Extinction

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History hasn’t been kind to whales. Today, they face colossal challenges, including: commercial whaling, climate change, and plastic pollution. If we don’t do something about it now, our OCEANS may look a lot different by the end of the century.

What are a few ways you can help save whales?

Say no to plastic. Whales consume the tiniest amounts of micro plastics in enormous amounts. We’re talking up to 10 million pieces a day. And tragically, many die because of it — including a pregant sperm whale back in 2019.

Clean the beach. Millions of tons of trash gets dumped into our oceans each year. But if each person picked up even one piece of garbage, fewer chemicals and toxins will enter our oceans, saving more whales.

Be aware of where you source your fish. It’s estimated that 20,000 whales are killed, and many entangled in fishing gear, each year due to ship strikes. Even more concerning, unsustainable fishing practices are depleting our ocean’s resources at unprecedented rates. And whales are now starving because of it. Prioritizing sustainably sourced seafood will help keep complex marine food webs healthy.

Support marine conservation with a donation. Monthly contributions through VAKOVAKO to leading organizations, like, Sea Shepherds, Oceana, and Ocean Conservancy, is a surefire way to save whales and keep our oceans strong. Hold down the yellow donate button to make a splash!

Spread the word about whales. The more people who speak for the whales, the bigger the chance at their survival. Share your VAKOVAKO donation to whales today with others today.

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